version 1.0.0

Enhance your PHP experience

SensioLabsDesktop is a desktop application that runs on your machine to ease the management of your PHP projects. It runs on Linux, Windows, and on the Mac, and it is a great add-on to your prefered IDE or text editor.

Screenshot SensioLabsDesktop


  • Centralise the management of your PHP projects.
  • Use a GUI to manage your dependencies via Composer.
  • Run your Symfony commands without using the CLI.
  • Run PHPUnit without using the CLI.
  • Check your web server log files in real-time.
  • Get notifications when new versions of your libraries are released.
  • Create your Symfony projects with ease.

Support discontinued

Dear SensioLabsDesktop users,

Despite the regular use some of you may have, we are sorry to announce that we are discontinuing the support for this product, as we are not in a position to bring it to the quality which we would like to.
You can of course keep using it, but we will not release new updates, and will not ensure user support anymore.
We hope to see you on all of the other SensioLabs products and platforms soon.

Thanks and regards,